The Benefits of a Risk Management Program | Implementing a risk management program allows you to watch your business thrive freely with peace of mind. The plan incorporates business planning, insurance, and operational planning. Risk management programs provide both the strategic basis and the fu...

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Very common question. The answer is “it depends.” If you are renting a car personally, you will need a personal auto policy with at least one vehicle which is covered for comprehensive and collision coverages. If you have these coverages, they should extend to a rented vehicle which is a temporar...

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Surprise! The value of your home is different for you than it is to the insurance company. At first you might think that your home is undervalued and needs to be what the current market value would be. Maybe your neighbor a couple of doors down sold his home for $700,000 and you think your home...

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A homeowners, condo owners or renters policy provides coverage for “contents” which is generally described as your personal property, not permanently attached to the building. There are several exceptions to this property description, such as jewelry, furs, money, precious metals, guns, art and a...

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Services & Solutions

  • Workers Compensation

    Workers Compensation insurance, designed to cover businesses if a worker gets injured on the job, represents a major expenditure for firms across all industry sectors. This is particularly true in California which, on average, has the highest Comp rates in the country due to the frequency of permanent disability claims, a more prolonged pattern of medical treatments, and much higher than average costs of claims handling.
  • Professional Liability Solutions

    As a professional providing expertise in your area of specialization you’re open to exposures that go beyond general liability risks. Claims stemming from allegations of incorrect advice or failure to perform professional services could lead to a lawsuit. Even if you haven’t made a mistake, you could still be sued. Professional Liability, also known as Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance, is designed to step in and cover the legal fees and any resulting settlements or judgments from these types of lawsuits – protecting you and your business from potentially crippling costs. A policy, in addition to covering the business and its employees, can also be designed to include protection for independent contractors, part-time workers, or even volunteers.
  • General & Products Liability

    Protecting businesses from the unexpected and unpredictable is what we do at Arroyo. From publicly and privately held corporations to nonprofits, our team has the market knowledge and relationships to not only safeguard your business assets but to also bring value to your company. Our focus is to reduce your business liability exposure, secure the highest level of insurance coverage at competitive rates, and provide expert advice and risk evaluation assistance supported by a dedicated service team ready to meet your commercial insurance needs.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance

    A Commercial Auto policy addresses the vehicle insurance needs of most commercial entities. The amount of coverage you will need depends on your exposure and how much risk you can afford to take. Our dedicated staff at Arroyo will review this with you carefully to determine the extent of your liability limits and the deductible amounts that reflect your risk tolerance.
  • Top-Flight Insurance Performance in the Air and on the Water

    A General Liability insurance policy typically excludes coverage for losses arising out of aviation and watercraft risks. At Arroyo we can close these insurance gaps and provide you with coverage for your business aviation and watercraft exposures.
  • Property Insurance

    Commercial Property insurance covers businesses for losses due to certain covered events, such as fire, theft, vandalism, or natural disaster. This coverage helps protect your valuable business assets, such as an owned or leased building, tools, equipment, machinery, or inventory. If your business involves servicing other people’s property, you will also need protection while it’s in your possession. Additionally, beyond physical damage to property, you can protect your business from lost income resulting from a covered loss.
  • EPLI/D&O/Fiduciary Liability Insurance

    The rise of discrimination disputes in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement, employee litigation for wrongful termination or harassment, and lawsuits over unfair business practices have increased the risks faced by businesses, management, and directors and officers. A proactive approach to management liability coverage that includes Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), Directors & Officers (D&O) and Fiduciary Liability can help ensure that companies and management are adequately protected from ever-changing risks and new exposures.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance

    Nearly every company uses, stores, or maintains electronic data on their customers and/or employees, exposing them to cyber attacks that can result in significant financial loss and reputational damage. Corporations, such as Marriott, Yahoo, Anthem, Chipotle and Target, among others, have all been victims of customer-related data breaches, thrusting them into the limelight and putting the focus on the extent and reach of cyber threats today. But cyber attacks aren’t only against large organizations like those that make headline news. According to a 2018 Verizon report, 58% of all cyber attacks target small to mid-size businesses (SMBs). While it is true that the ultimate reward might not be as high as it could be from a multinational organization, cybercriminals go after SMBs because they are easier to penetrate.
  • Pollution Liability Insurance

    When we think about pollution, we think toxic spills, secretions and emissions into the environment. But the scope of what’s considered environmental damage is far-reaching and rapidly expanding today. For example, contractors can find themselves liable for any negative impact silt and sediment have on groundwater as a result of their operations, or they may end up responsible for cleanup costs after dust from construction work enters a school’s ventilation system. The health care industry – from hospitals to medical clients – all use, store and dispose environmentally sensitive materials. If mismanaged, a release of these materials can result in negative financial loss or reputational damage.
  • Surety Bonds Program

    Arroyo employs its deep market experience and relationships to provide Commercial and Contract Surety Bonds to clients across a broad spectrum of industries – from the construction sector to energy. Our objective is to provide our clients with a sound competitive advantage for their projects. Whether you are seeking your first bond, or have an established history, Arroyo can guide you through the process.
  • Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance

    A well-designed Umbrella and Excess Liability insurance policy serves as a line of defense to safeguard business assets in the event a loss goes beyond the limits of your primary liability policies. With today’s rapid technology changes and an increasingly litigious society, companies both large and small must protect themselves from the heavy financial burden that new and complex exposures can bring.
  • Managing Risk with Arroyo

    Traditional insurance solutions don’t always fully address or properly support specialized risks. At times, it’s more effective to incorporate alternative solutions in a client’s overall program. Alternative risk transfer solutions create opportunities to finance risk internally – from self-insurance to captives to risk retention groups or event-triggered risk transfer policies.
  • Homeowners Insurance

    The last thing you want to hear after your home has been damaged or totally destroyed is “sorry, but you don’t have enough insurance, or the right insurance.” After a devastating loss, you want the assurance that you’ll be able to rebuild and make your home a home again. Our Arroyo professionals will meet with you to determine the amount of coverage you need to help rebuild the structure of your home, replace your belongings, defray costs if you’re unable to live in your home and protect your financial assets in the event of liability to others.
  • Auto Insurance

    Whether you’re buying your first car or shopping around for an upgrade or a new family vehicle, buying Auto insurance that’s right for you is an important part of the process. How much coverage do you need? What’s required, what’s optional, and what deductibles should you carry? Do you need different insurance if you drive for Uber or Lyft?
  • Private Collections Need Specialized Coverage

    You may be a collector of fine art, antique furniture, Persian rugs, or wine. Or, perhaps you have family heirlooms and expensive jewelry that you cherish and will one day be passing on to your children. Whatever your passion, Arroyo can provide you with a competitively priced policy with the precise coverage you require to protect these valuables. We’ll work with you to protect even the most rare or delicate items with Private Collections insurance.
  • Comprehensive RV Insurance

    Driving up PCH for a family visit, traveling cross-country on vacation, or simply living the good life on the road—no matter how you use your recreational vehicle, you need good insurance. Arroyo has the coverage solutions to address your lifestyle demands. We serve recreational vehicle owners throughout Southern California and welcome the opportunity to talk about your personal travel style and RV insurance needs.
  • Motorhome Insurance

    Arroyo provides motor homeowners protection for you and your family both while on the road, and while your rig is parked. We offer competitive and comprehensive policies so that you can hit the open road with confidence that your investment and your assets are protected.
  • Watercraft Insurance

    The boating season in Southern California runs nearly all year long, giving you the opportunity to make the most out of owning your vessel. As you anticipate spending an enjoyable and relaxing day on your boat, make sure you’ve protected what’s most important: personal safety and property value.
  • Personal Umbrella: The Rainy-Day Insurance Policy

    Liability insurance covers you or your family members in the event of an accident or loss that results in bodily injury or property damage to others. You look to Homeowners and Auto insurance for that coverage; however, the maximum limits of Liability coverage provided with these policies may not be enough protection in today’s litigious landscape. Multi-million-dollar lawsuits are commonplace and without the right amount of protection, your assets would be jeopardized. This is where a Personal Umbrella Liability policy from Arroyo steps in.
  • Personal Risk Management Solutions through Our Private Client Services

    At Arroyo, we specialize in designing tailored insurance solutions to address the needs of our high net worth clientele. Our breadth and depth of potential options coupled with our risk management approach and dedicated claims specialists enable us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We provide solutions for individuals with luxury residences and automobiles, collections, yachts, aircraft, personal excess liability, multi-state and even international exposures. Most importantly, at Arroyo, you’ll receive the personalized, first-class service and discretion that you expect from a trusted advisor.
  • Personal Risk Management Solutions through Our Private Client Services

    At Arroyo, we specialize in designing tailored insurance solutions to address the needs of our high net worth clientele. Our breadth and depth of potential options coupled with our risk management approach and dedicated claims specialists enable us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. We provide solutions for individuals with luxury residences and automobiles, collections, yachts, aircraft, personal excess liability, multi-state and even international exposures. Most importantly, at Arroyo, you’ll receive the personalized, first-class service and discretion that you expect from a trusted advisor.
  • Making A Difference in Your Group Medical, Dental & Vision Plans

    The seasoned Arroyo staff works as your benefit advisor to help you analyze and manage your employee benefits plan – from setting up its structure, to aligning products that address different employee demographics, to employee utilization. The heart of our approach involves looking at every angle of your benefits to help develop a well-rounded plan consistent with your total compensation plans and philosophy. We work with all the major carriers to offer you options for Group Medical, Dental & Vision plans.
  • Disability & Group Life Insurance for Tomorrow’s What Ifs

    You can add value to your employee benefits program with Group Disability and Group Life insurance. Disability products and Life insurance give employees peace of mind, knowing they have financial support in the event of unforeseen circumstances. They also give employers peace of mind in knowing that they help protect their employees. In addition, these ancillary benefits can even help businesses recruit and retain the best employees.
  • Voluntary Benefits Key for A Total Rewards Package

    Voluntary Benefits are a valuable component of every employee benefits package. Few employees have the time and access to qualified financial advisors and resources to design a proper financial plan to ensure their solvency. Group Voluntary Benefits provide a platform for employees to access various products at discounts with preferred underwriting and ease of access.
  • Health & Wellness Programs

    Recent survey findings show 66% of HR managers in the past five years report that their companies have broadened their health and wellness options. From offering onsite exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy cooking classes, to providing free massages, giving workers fitness tracking devices and offering onsite personal trainers, to paying employees extra money if they don’t check work email while on vacation, companies are coming up with creative ways to keep employees healthy and happy. Additionally, this trend is expected to continue over the next three to five years, with companies adding additional features that address mental, emotional, and physical health.
  • Retirement Planning: Building A Future Employees Want

    Employees depend on employer-provided benefits to help with their personal financial protection, including assistance in preparing for their golden years. A retirement plan in fact is a key deciding factor for many when looking to join a firm, along with salary and Group Health insurance.
  • Corporate Life Insurance for Business Continuity

    A business partnership is like a marriage but without the romance. There is a financial arrangement where partners share in both the benefits and risks. If one partner, in the event of a premature death or disability, for example, is unwilling to continue with the business, a Buy-Sell agreement sets out how that partner’s interest is transferred. It’s a blueprint to predetermine the sale or transfer of the company or an interest in it based on some specified future event, including the retirement of a partner or owner. It protects all partners and/or family members and provides certainty in the event that an unexpected crisis necessitates a change in leadership.
  • Life Insurance

    From the moment your child is born, you have aspirations for him or her as they make their way through life. Whatever their dreams, along their path you’ll be there to support and provide them with the security they need to soar. Yet life doesn’t always go as planned. That’s where Arroyo and a well-contemplated Life insurance solution come in – to help you address life’s uncertainties. Our goal is to help you keep your financial freedom intact and safeguard your family and their dreams.
  • Choosing Between Term Life vs. Permanent Life Insurance

    There are various Life insurance products on the market. Having a clear understanding of each can help you determine which is the right fit for you, your family or other beneficiaries. Two of the most popular Life insurance products are Term and Permanent (or Whole) Life. There are several factors that impact what type of policy you purchase, including your current age, health status, your family’s financial needs, age of your children, mortgage and current debts, what retirement plans you have in place, your family’s future needs (college tuition), estate planning, and charitable donations, among others.
  • Insurance & Risk Management for Auto Dealers

    Not many operations possess the number of moving parts that auto dealerships are faced with – from selling, to servicing, repairs, maintenance and providing financing and insurance. As a dealership owner, this means you face far greater risks than many other business operations. Arroyo is in a unique position, with dealership specialists on staff to help identify your risks and deliver the broadest protection while negotiating the best pricing for you. Our program coverage and pricing is exclusive to Arroyo and designed for franchised and independent auto dealers.
  • Insurance Made Especially for Craft Brewers

    California is the birthplace of the American craft brewing movement and at the forefront of the industry’s growth. Today, there are more than 900 craft breweries throughout the state, supporting nearly 50,000 jobs and generating more than $7 billion annually. At Arroyo, we’re committed to supporting this growing industry with custom-tailored insurance solutions specifically designed to match the unique risk exposures faced by breweries of all sizes. Whether your brewery is a family operation, a new venture you’ve been dreaming about, or a multi-state operation, we have the expertise to address the complicated risks that come with this rewarding business. We cover everything from guest slip and falls while visiting your facility for taste testing and tours, to product recall and contamination, equipment failure, and more.
  • Movie Boats: Insuring Smooth Sailing on Set

    Being able to capture action on the water comes with unique risks. At Arroyo, we know how to insure these risks and our underwriting partners aren’t afraid of the amazing work you or your clients do. From Titanic explorations, to major TV and motion picture projects, and one-day shoots, our exclusive program is able to insure all aspects of marine exposures worldwide.
  • Custom Professional Liability Insurance Solutions

    Professionals such as lawyers require custom Professional Liability insurance designed to address their specific risks based on the services and the customers they serve. Arroyo’s Professional Liability department provides individualized coverage to attorneys from “A” rated, admitted insurance companies. Our firm’s capabilities allow us to provide a clear picture to underwriters, tailoring competitively priced insurance protection programs that reflect a firm’s services, size, loss history, and specific business practices. Our team leader has more than 25 years of experience crafting Professional Liability programs for our professional clientele.


3 years ago
The greatest place in Arcadia to get a car insurance! The conditions are very nice and the prices too. I use Arroyo Insurance Agency almost from year and to the moment they always provide me excellent customer service. They are also great health insurance agency! They offer me a discount if I make my health insurance there and with the car insurance I paid very affordable price! Many thanks for the attention and for the professional service!
- SarahM R
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I am writing to say how satisfied I am from the conditions that this health insurance agency provide! They really know what are the peoples needs and what is important for them! Very correct and neat guys! I strongly recommend them to everybody! Trust them, I already done it and and I didn't worry about anything!
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You've brought service, a caring attitude and excellent safety professionals to the table for us. You've also helped others in the community with their insurance needs. For all these things and more I say thanks.
- Keith M

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Established in 1986, Arroyo Insurance Services has roots that date back prior to 1950. Over the years, we have enjoyed steady growth and today are recognized as one of the leading client-oriented and independently owned agencies in California. We have grown into an organization with 11 locations and over 140 employees whose combined experience spans over 450 years.  From the time we opened our doors, we have been committed to developing and nurturing a hands-on business that allows us to personally understand and respond to the needs of our clients. This enables us to provide the best insurance and risk management services at the most competitive premiums backed by the superior service our clients have come to know and value. Our passion and focus is all about evaluating your risk, and putting our people to work to mitigate and transfer these risks for tangible results you can count on.  

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